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Providing training for dental office professionals, administrators, managers & treatment coordinators.
Train your entire staff, select groups or individuals.
Every practice is unique and we’ll assess your training according to your specific needs.

Meet Kelly Waterhouse

Photo of Kelly Waterhouse

I am an experienced Office Manager and graduate of Niagara College with a demonstrated history of working with GP Dentists and Specialists.

Specializing in

Customer service

Excellent customer service is often the final ingredient needed for dentists to take their practices from good to great. Superior customer service does not happen by accident. It is a system. It is about how practices treat every patient every hour every day. Patients must feel special from the moment they walk into the office. and at every visit.

Most dental practices provide good customer service, but it is only a WOW level experience that motivates patients to come back for more procedures, say positive things about your practice, and refer others.

Dental Treatment Coordinator

Dental knowledge, and more importantly, an understanding of the dental philosophy of the dentist. Excellent communication skills, poise, professional appearance, and a special ability to “get a kick” out of having patients accept treatment without being pushy. Organized, systematic, and with good follow-through.

Dental office Manager

The office manager has the role of director of operations. The office manager is to deal with the day-to-day operations of the practice, allowing the doctor to focus on patient care. While in many practices the office manager may have all three roles, it is not the wisest arrangement.

The office manager should track the vital practice numbers and monitor the trends in order to identify areas that are lagging and celebrate areas that are doing well. The doctor should also be monitoring and understanding these vital numbers.

The hiring, training, managing, and scheduling of the team members is also a major function of the office manager. This includes relaying the vision of the practice, teaching verbal skills and scripts, conducting growth conferences and dealing with any staff issues that may arise. It also involves the scheduling and leading of departmental meetings.

Dental Imaging

Making sure the patient understands the importance of x-rays for diagnosis and detecting/monitoring suspicious areas so that issues can be addressed before they become large enough to require expensive dental procedures.

Intra-oral Scanners

The latest technology in the dental field today is the intra- oral scanner. This scanning machine takes the place of impressions, which patients hate. The experience is no longer a messy and gagging nightmare, but a pleasant and more accurate experience.

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